This lovely lady *Clare has allowed me to share her story.

“I had quite a big fibroid which rapidly developed during my pregnancy. My obstetrician told me that there was no cure and that it would never get smaller, that it would keep growing, so they would have to monitor it.

If it grows more than 1 cm per year, then this is the sign for a surgery-it would have to be removed. 

So few months ago I went to Antoinette with this problem. Got the magic pellets and did the full course, as prescribed.

Several days ago I went to my obstetrician for a scan and a check-up.

She asked me if I was taking anything for the fibroid and she sounded surprised (when I sayd no).

She said: “It has shrunk by 2 cm!”- Wow! (Very impressed here myself )) After being told that they never shrink??

Try homeopathy first! Thanks a lot, Antoinette, for all the time spent with me! Results are so worth it”

And here’s a little more background. We don’t know for sure if the fibroid was present before pregnancy. It hadn’t been detected. But it was there and very small at an early scan.

Clare had a bleed late in her first trimester and Anti D was given. Anti D is an injection given to some women to prevent them developing an immune response to their pregnancy.

All we know for certain is that after this time, the fibroid developed rapidly and she was in a lot of pain.

Fast forward to January of this year and that’s when we started to tackle this fibroid. I began a protocol to detox the Anti D, along with a well picked overall remedy and lots of supportive ones.

The rest is as above. Clare had a consultation with me in January and one in March and nothing since. Yet this amazing restorative work has been going on in her body.

I treat fibroids often and we get great results with easier, more regular periods. So I know this works. But it’s lovely to have actual measurements too and be able to quantify 

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