6 Signs of Early Puberty in Boys


Boys are generally considered to be a year behind girls, in the onset of puberty.

This signs of early or precocious puberty in boys before 9 years of age include:

– Body odour
– Enlargement of the testicles or penis
– Pubic, underarm, or facial hair growth
– A rapid growth spurt.
– Changes in voice tone
– Acne

If you are in any way concerned about your child and the fact that they are developing faster than you consider normal, then trust that mothers’ instinct and get in touch.

Remember, our understanding of “normal” has changed dramatically in the last 100 years. (Scroll back to the last few days posts and you will see how boys are now considered to be “normal” as they are start puberty 7 years earlier than their great grandparents).

Homeopathy can slow down and halt this process; naturally AND while supporting the imbalance that has caused it in the first place.

Homeopathy can help.

I can help.


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