I was so impressed with this therapy that I decided to train in it myself in 2016.

My son Tristan was 7 at the time when I brought him for a session after noticing that one of his ears was higher than the other.  This had happened recently and I know that when things are not where they are meant to be, it can be a problem.

Tristan hopped up on a massage table and he had a procedure done on the muscles in his neck,  that took no more than 2 minutes.  It was pain-free (but odd to witness) and when he stood up, he repeated several times “my head isn’t tight anymore!”.

He hopped around the room, obviously very impressed with the new feeling of lightness and freedom in his head.

He told me later, he’d always had pain and tightness there (since probably he’d had a bad fall at age one) but because it was always there, he thought it was normal.  Also he couldn’t describe the feeling as he had nothing to compare it too.

Yes I did feel bad, and I still feel bad about the fact that my baby had been in physical pain for 6 years.  I need to add here quickly, that he’d been x-rayed at the time.  He’d been given the all clear.

My boy blossomed after that one treatment.  His moods lifted.  His sinus and ears drained.  His energy improved.


And so I learned how to do it myself.

Some people only come for biocraniology, if they have strains, stress in the neck etc.

But I do it on everyone who comes to my office for a consultation.  Results are quicker and last longer.

This has been a game changer for my practice.

Here’s a short little video explaining a little more about it.