Am I pregnant or am I peri-menopausal?


I had to take a pregnancy test at Christmas…yip indeedy.

I skipped my first period – I’m 46 and a half (a big half), it was going to happen sooner or later.

And I was happy about that.

Even though I felt a bit bloated and a bit PMSey…new word there.

But I’m at the stage now where I’m very happy for my period to finish up.  

I’m looking forward to lots of great, totally-pregnancy-fear-free sex! (Happy face)

So I shared the great news with a friend who promptly burst my peri-menopausal bubble with “You’re not pregnant are you?”

I panicked.  I didn’t listen to my own body.  I listened instead to a friend who knows nothing about my cycle.

Obviously at 46 (and a half), being pregnant was not an option for me.  

And I was really upset about the fact that if I had to take some sort of hormonal pills to stop a pregnancy- what was that going to do to my menopause?

I’ve really worked at healing my cycle in the last few years.

I’ve detoxed contraceptives out of my body.

I’ve released womb trauma.

I know the damage that contraceptives can do to a woman’s hormones.  It often really only shows up when she’s peri-menopausal.

That’s when 20 plus years of synthetic hormones make their presence known.

So I was upset that I might have unwittingly sabotaged the next stage of my physical and emotional health.

Anyway long story short, I bought a test and it was negative.

AWOL period arrived the next day (of course) and it was heavier than it had been in years and lasted a full 7 days.

I’ve had to buy a new moon cup.  

The last one I’m assuming was nabbed to complete some sort of intergalactic lego structure. 

But it was ok, I felt my period was light enough now to get by with period pants.

I’ve done some work on myself since and I’ve had some help from the people who treat me.

I’m back on track and I’m back tracking!

I had stopped for some reason before Christmas.  

If I’d only had that for reference, I’d have known that I was going through exactly the same highs as lows that I do every month, just with the absence of a period this time.

I’d have known with certainty that I was pre-menstrual not pregnant!

If you’ve not tracked your cycle before you can find and print off mine here

They require minimum effort and they will give you so much information about your moods, your energy, your appetite and your libido.

You’ll notice a pattern that is pretty much the same every single month.

So for example I know that in the middle of my month (approximately around ovulation) is the perfect time for me to plan a sexy night away with my man.

That’s when my energy and mood are high and I feel great in my body.

If I did that though the week before my period, there’s a strong chance that I’d be either exhausted or we’d have a row…or both.

If you’d love lots more information about this, I suggest The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray.
You don’t need a period or womb to track your cycle because you still have an energetic cycle.

I know for sure I was in some sort of period limbo land before Christmas.  I felt unanchored, adrift.  

And I didn’t like that feeling.

Like I said I’m back tracking.  I know exactly where I am in my journey through my monthly cycle.

I know what to expect.  I know what’s around the corner for me.  And that feels good.

Love and light to you fabulous woman for the coming week.

Your body is a powerhouse and your cycle is your secret weapon!

You know where I am if you need help healing your cycle

Antoinette x


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