Long term anxiety is not something you should try to treat yourself. But if you have the odd “antsy” day or the ocassional sleepless night because something is preying on your mind then you might consider these remedies.

As you know, homeopathic medicine is natural. It aims to bring calm to the entire body and it won’t leave you groggy or spacey.

No. 1 Aconite

Use this when something has happened that has caused absolute shock or fright and you cannot settle yourself after. Maybe its bad news or a near miss on the road? When you need this remedy it is because the unexpected has happened. The anxiety is sudden and may cause heart palpitations. Put one pill in water, stir and sip every 5 minutes until you feel calmer. Stop after 3 sips.

No. 2 Argent Nit

This is my go-to remedy for sleepless nights. Use this when you’re anxious about a particular event, an exam, a driving test, an unpleasant conversation you know you’re going to have. Argent Nit is for anticipatory anxiety – something that will happen in the future. If you’re feeling aggitated and you can’t settle to sleep, you’re tossing and turning for hours, then this will help. Same doseage instructions as above.

No. 3 Arsenicum Album

This is more for unspecified anxiety. Use this when you don’t know what’s causing the dread. If you’re chilly in yourself, very restless, especially at night and don’t want to be alone, then this will help. Again, same doseage instructions as above.

Three sips of any of these remedies, dissolved in water, is enough. If you are not feeling calmer after, then it’s not the right remedy for you. That’s when I can help. I will find the perfect fit that covers you and your exact requirements. I have literally thousands of remedies. There’s something here for everyone.


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