Did you know that I teach mums how to use homeopathy?


Well I do. Let me tell you what we do in our Academy.

We take mums who’ve grown tired of the conventional route, getting zero results and watching their children get sicker.

A typical medicine cabinet in a large family

And we turn them into Healing Rockstars using their homeopathic kits!

Because ALL of us mums are the very best healers for our own children.

We know THE SECOND they wake up in the morning if they’re about to come down with something.


We know by the look in their eye, the smell of their breath, the slump of their shoulders.

We know by the way they push away their favourite breakfast and cling to their favourite toy.

We know how to coax them to drink water.

We know how to hold them just right.

We know not to rock the boat and start the tears.

Mums…we know all this stuff already. All of us are capable of spotting symptoms.

And that’s what these things are – they’re symptoms!

That big scary medical word – SYMPTOMS!

Now if we can spot symptoms, then we can EASILY find the right remedy.

This is not rocket science. It’s better. It’s healing from a place of love and understanding.

But we do need a little bit of guidance as we start off and find our feet.

And we can offer that in the private support group.

There are 6 qualified homeopaths in there and 140 Rockstar Mums. Your’re in great hands.

Now here’s the thing though. The Academy only opens its doors twice a year.

And that time is now.

On the 10th of February, we’ll be closing them again.

Are you in?

Here’s the link http://www.homeprescribersacademy.com


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