From overthinking, negative thoughts and anxiety to feeling happy and content.

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So… I’ve been waiting to write my feedback for Antoinette until I had finished remedies and things had settled for my body a little. I’ve done 3 sessions with Antoinette who’s work is just amazing so it took a few months to get here… and this post may be long!

I decided to finally go for contraceptive detox in March because I just had enough of the hormones messing with my head…

Originally I’d stopped taking the pill 1.5-2 years previous because it was making me feel monotone… but now I was progressively developing anxiety over all of my fears… no panic attacks but overthinking and being so negative.  I felt stuck and not GOOD ENOUGH for anything; from starting my business, to working my horses and just not feeling worthy…

I would get stuck in these ‘dark days’ the week before my period, every month and sometimes lasting for a week!. I would then bully myself constantly over feeling all of the aforementioned because I knew I ‘shouldn’t’ and I should ‘just toughen up and get on with it’.

It was getting worse every month and was really upsetting and exhausting. I just felt like curling up and ignoring it all.

My periods gave me a fuzzy brain fog, I would be really tired for 2-3 days, some cramping, throbbing pains in my vagina (I don’t know if anyone else experiences that it was strange!) really sensitive stomach in the mornings and for day 1 and 2 I’d often have to visit the toilet straight after eating. I would just feel shaky.

Without getting too longwinded… those were the main reasons I decided to go for a detox… Antoinette has also helped me detox the HPV vaccine that I got in 2012 and several general anaesthetics throughout my life…  That final consultation HAS REALLY LIFTED SOMETHING FOR ME and it’s all just seemed to click…

I can only describe myself as CONTENT and HAPPY. I’ve so much energy and joy and happy feelings. I seem to be past the self-bullying ‘dark days’ and perhaps just feel a little quieter and less social for a few days instead.

My periods have settled into a consistent cycle and are basically pain free apart from a slightly tired feeling back for a few hours on day one.. I can be a little tired day 1 and 2 but then I’m top form again… It all just seems so much easier.

My fears and challenges are all the same as they were before… But now they don’t sit on my shoulder. I’m facing them head on again and being much more focused and proactive.

I’m sleeping really well and waking up earlier and more rested… I’m not craving unhealthy comfort foods half as much… I’m laughing all the time now, and I just FEEL GOOD. Warmest thanks and gratitude to Antoinette and to homeopathy for helping me find my feet again and reconnect with my energy!


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