The Home Prescriber’s Academy
At the end of 2017, I had the honour of starting a new project with my best homeo pal, Rita Kara Robinson – The Home Prescriber’s Academy.

This is an online course that helps mums take back control of their family’s health issues.  The course is broken up into 7 modules, each containing  several videos that are no more than 6 minutes long.

The idea is to convey great information in an informal way, to busy, on-the-go, mothers.

But the best part by far of this course is the access to a private group where they have the support of their peers, their very own tribe, as they find their way.  These are our home prescribing rockstars and let me tell you, they are absolutely rocking it!

They are dealing with teething, colds, flu, stomach bugs, sore throats, headaches, accidents and injuries.  And they are doing it with natural, supportive medicine.

These women are growing weekly in their competence and their confidence.   They are stepping back into their rightful roles as the healers of their own families and this proud mama could not be happier.