Homeopathy and anxiety


*Anne* had anxiety since her 1st baby was born 5 years ago.

It was called many things in that time

Post natal depression
“You’re just an new mum, it’s normal”

So Anne accepted that this was how she was wired now and got on with “living a half life, never completely in the moment because I’m worrying about the next”

But feeling like you’re constantly rushed and your heat beats noticeably loud several times per day is not normal.

Nor is not being able to sleep.

Or waking in terror, with a jump when you do sleep.

Anne only came to homeopathy when her period stopped.

It’s not been a quick fix but her period has returned and her anxiety is back 3/10 instead of 11/10.

We don’t have to live like this.

Homeopathy can help.

I can help 💚


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