Homeopathy is not magic


Now this is something that I’ve been asked a few times in the past couple of weeks.

“I’ve been taking your pills for 2 weeks now and I don’t feel any different”.

Firstly homeopathy is not magic. In order for certain symptoms to dissappear, a MASSIVE amount of work has to go on, behind the scenes.

We’re talking entire systems here that are rebooting themselves, rebalancing and rewiring – and that takes time.

For example, someone with low energy. This is not Berocca or Caffeine that we’re dealing with here, it’s not a temporary, quick fix.

We have to figure out what is draining the energy.

Is it poor digestion?
Is it adrenal fatigue?
Is it constant, blinding headaches?
Is it heavy, prolonged periods?
Is it sleep apnea?

Do you see what I mean? All of the above have different processes and systems involved. They all have to be recalibrated before the energy levels are improved.

And a lovely new client has told me she feels a bit disillusioned when she reads my success stories, when she’s not feeling like that YET.

Well here’s a little secret. No therapist is going to write a blog post, complete with a pretty picture, thrilled with themselves about a client who is only doing so-so. That’s just not smart.

Here’s another little secret. When my clients tell me that they feel absolutely no different, I bring out the checklist I made on their previous visit and I go through EVERYTHING.

Here’s how it usually goes…

Client – I feel the same
Me – Ok, lets check. How are your 3 times weekly headaches?
Client – Well I get them once per week now.
Me – So that’s an improvement?
Client – I suppose so
Me – What about the “total and complete burnout”
Client – Em, no, don’t really have that anymore
Me – And the poor concentration?
Client – Maybe a bit better
Me – The feeling of “wanting to scream and scream until they all just leave me alone”?(yes, I’ve heard it)
Client – No way!!!! Did I really say that?

Look, I’m exactly the same. When one thing is no longer an issue, I start to focus instead on the next biggest thing.

All I can say is, I do know what I’m doing. This takes time, it works and you will get better.

If it can take 20 years to get to a current state of ill health, then it’s not going to turn around in 2 weeks.


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