Insomnia in peri-menopause & menopause


Recently I carried out extensive research among my Instagram followers (really I asked a few questions but anyhoo).

I asked “What is your biggest issue with your perimenopause?”

And insomnia got the biggest number of votes.

So let’s have a little look at what’s going on for us in our bodies that could be causing this.

1.     Tired but wired.

I mentioned last week that for the most part, women over 40 are exhausted.  
They’re relying on Adrenaline (and coffee) to keep them going through the day.  

That same adrenaline is still in the blood system at night, causing fitful sleep and wakefulness.  

This is definitely you if you feel “tired but wired”.

Solution – your Adrenals (teeny organs that sit on top of your body) are struggling. They need support.  I can do that with homeopathy.

But we need to address the stress in our lives too.  

Now the thing with our Adrenals is that they try so hard to keep us going, but when they get worn out, guess who steps in to pick up the slack?

Our thyroid!

So before you’re reaching for the Eltroxin daily, reduce the busy in your life RIGHT NOW!

2.     Overtaxed liver.

The main consumers of wine is women over 40, did you know that? 

For some, that’s nightly consuming…To help us sleep. To help us wind down.  Or because we deserve it after a hard day with the kids.

Now I’m not pointing the finger here because I love my red wine.

But here’s what I know.  

When I drink wine – I can fall asleep easily enough but from 3am or so that’s it for me. I’m awake again.

That’s because my liver is stirring at that time, trying it’s best to pump out toxins and keep me healthy.

Solution – look at your alcohol consumption.  Reduce it and support your liver with Milk Thistle Tincture.

And if you need help addressing the booze, please do contact me.  I can help here too.

3.     Technology.

You know what it’s like…you’re on your way to bed, yawning and stretching.  And you think “I’ll just check Instagram” and before you know it, it’s 1am, you’re wide awake and you’re still on your phone.

As the natural light fades, our brain realises that it’s nearly time for sleep and starts the slow down process.

Throw a backlight screen (like a phone, kindle, tablet) into the equation and your brain gets flooded with bright light and thinks it’s morning time again – immediately killing Sleepy Mode and launching you straight back into Alert Mode!

Solution – ditch the phone an hour before bed.  And NEVER bring it into the bedroom with you.  Your body simply won’t relax sufficiently. 

And turn off the WiFi, give your body  a break from that too.

4.     Dropping blood sugars.

For some of us, our blood sugar levels drop in the middle of the night causing us to wake up.

Solution – have a very small protein snack before bed.

Here are some other tips to help you drop off  into the land of nod.

Make your room a restful place.  Change your sheets and tidy up.
Create a beautiful bedtime routine – something that you will look forward to.  It can be a bath, a foot massage – whatever makes you feel relaxed.
This is Your Time…when you’ve done all you can for the day.  This is your treat.  And it’s a far nicer treat than scrolling on your phone with the telly on in the background as you wear yourself out ever more.

Keep hydrated. Look decent water is essential for all of our bodily functions.  Sleep is no different.Magnesium can help some people to sleep.  I’m one of those.  If I’m lacking, I know about it pretty quickly.
Lastly – keep a notebook beside your bed to jot down all the things that normally rattle around your head, the things you “must do”. 
When you write them down, you can be assured that you won’t forget them and your brain can relax.

Sleep is not a luxury indulgence. 

It’s an absolute necessity and I’m sure that up to 50% of ALL ailments would cease themselves, if  we’re were able to sleep properly.

Now lovely lady, if after all of this, you still cannot sleep, get in touch.  I can help.


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