“Is there an alternative to HRT?”


Yes there is and you’re looking at her!

Well not me exactly but I can help with homeopathy.

HRT is back in vogue with its sexy new rebrand and all the cool kids are running for it.

Then some are dragging themselves back to me because they’ve found a lump in their breast, or their anxiety has gone through the roof, or they’re having heart palpitations or they suddenly have high blood pressure or their hair is falling out.

I’m sure it’s working great for some women. I don’t see those people.

Remember it’s just another synthetic hormone, “bio-identical” but not naturally occurring in our bodies, that’s lumped in on top of 30 years of other fake hormones… Oral contraceptives, morning after pills, coils, IVF, labour meds to induce or speed up contractions.

And then there are the hormone inhibitors like mercury fillings, steroids, processed food, beauty products, deodorants, scented candles… I could go on but you get the idea.

When we clear out all the crud with a very gentle 8 week prescription, often the reason why HRT was required initially, is no longer a factor

You’ve nothing to lose by giving homeopathy a try… Well except a 30 year build up of toxins 💕

I’m here if you need me 💕


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