I’ve been treating women for the past 10 years for a variety of issues

Anxiety, Contraceptives, Irritability, Low Energy, Weight Gain

The most common being anxiety, thyroid and hormonal problems, including fertility.

But anxiety is right up there at the top – always. I began to experience it myself after the birth of my first child so I assumed it was hormonal. And I’m still wondering about that. Is anxiety a mental disorder or a hormonal one? And if it is hormonal, then what, besides pregnancy, could contribute to anxiety in all of these women.

Then I ruled out pregnancy, as many of the women I have treated, have not had children yet. But all of them, including myself had been on some form of synthetic hormones; contraceptives, morning after pills, coils, IVF or HRT.

I started to investigate further.

So how do contraceptives actually work?

Mostly they stop ovulation from taking place. If there’s no egg for sperm to fertilise, there is no conception. Sounds simple. Easy peasy. But how is ovulation stopped?

Most pills contain 2 synthetic hormones: estrogen and progestin. Put simply, these two hormones stop natural estrogen doing what its supposed to do; it is prevented from peaking at ovulation. When estrogen does not peak, a message is sent to the pituitary gland, telling it that it no longer needs to release the eggs.

So now the pituitary gland is involved. And this is high in importance in the endocrine system – the system that balances ALL our hormones in our major organs; Thyroid, Adrenal, Pancreas, Pineal, Ovaries and Intestines. Also the testicles in males.

As a homeopath, I know that we are not a sum of parts – like a car. We are a delicately balanced energetic system, tweak something here and it will have a knock on affect there.

And the fact that some part of pituitary function is shut down, worries me.

We have patches, we have implants, we have rings, we have coils, we have injections and we have pills. Whatever your heart desires. How about the side effects of all of these?

Firstly, let me tell you about the ones that my clients themselves have directly contributed to the above, as in “I was fine until I changed my pill” or “it happened around the same time I got the coil” or “it has never agreed with me”


*Break through bleeding

*Fuzzy head

*Low mood


*Vaginal dryness (specifically the Mirena Coil)

*Fibromyalgia type symptoms (again specifically Mirena Coil)

*Osteoporosis in hip (at site of injection)

*Weight gain


*Low libido. Is this what makes them so effective? You can’t get pregnant if you’re not having sex, right? Result!

And only this week I was told that Oncologists frequently ask women with breast cancer if they are on the pill? Why? What do they know?

So some of the listed side effects then include


*Breast tenderness

*Stomach pain

*Weight gain




*Breast enlargement (changes to the breasts should always be checked out)


Now I don’t know about you, but I was never less sexually active than when I was on the pill. I even dabbled with the injectible form for a while. That wasn’t fun. Putting on weight, having terrible skin and feeling generally blue are not exactly passion enhancers.

So we have to ask ourselves, are one to two nights of passion per month worth shutting down part of our endocrine system for? And I’m being generous suggesting twice per month because some women I treat, haven’t had sex in years, yet are still using contraceptives.

Women are tricked into believing that they actually have a normal period while they’re on the pill. And don’t get me started on young teenagers being put on the pill to” normalise” their heavy or irregular periods. It’s not a real period then. Its just that the break from the synthetic hormones triggers bleeding.

I always say this, but men would NEVER do this to their bodies and they would be right. Why are we?

So how can I help with the above listed problems?

I use a 4 tier approach. This takes a minimum of 2 months and applies even if the woman hasn’t had contraceptives in 10, 15, 20 years.

After I take a full and detailed case history

1.I give a constitutional remedy, which is an all over remedy specific to the woman. Not just to her physical symptoms, but one that matches her mood, her personality, her likes, her passions, her fears and her dreams. It’s all covered in just one little pill.

2.I give a contraceptive detox in ascending potencies.

3.I give organ support remedies to support the detoxifying process.

4.I start all of this with a treatment of BioCraniology, which I find leaves the body receptive to the remedies. It’s a little extra I like to use.

Some women have reported tiredness and headaches while on the treatment, most don’t notice anything.

But the best part are the results. What have these women noticed afterwards? And I include myself here too.

*Better energy

*Easier periods

*Regular periods

*Pregnancy (after having difficulties conceiving)

*Less headaches

*Less spotting

*Less overall body pain

*Easing of Endometriosis symptoms

*Return of libido

*Better moods “the cloud has lifted”

*Less anxiety – and we have come back to our old nemesis, anxiety, which prompted me to look into all of this more in the first place.

These are just my experiences and the experiences of women I treat.

If you would like to overhaul your body and ease physical and mental symptoms, get in touch.

Homeopathy can help.

I can help.


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