IVF Detox

IVF Detox

Joanne came to me recently for an IVF detox. She’d had a few rounds of it and she had a beautiful baby as a result of it.

She also had constant breast tenderness. She felt swollen and bloated and she had headaches at least twice per week. Energy levels were on the floor and she was generally “flat”.

1 week later there was already a visible improvement when I bumped into her. And after just 4 weeks, and only half of the detox yet complete – there were MASSIVE improvements;

Energy levels much increased
Swollen and bloated – gone
Headaches – 1 in 4 weeks instead of the usual 8
Flatness – gone and replaced by a sparkle

For many IVF is necessary but elevated hormone levels and stress can play havoc on the body.

Have a detox and balance your hormones quickly, safely and naturally.


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