Know your IUDs – hormonal coil


MIRENA COIL is just one of the hormonal coils or IUDs available but it’s the most common one in Ireland anyway.

It’s prescribed as contraceptive or for painful periods or heavy bleeding.

It’s a t shaped object that’s inserted into the uterus that continuously releases SYNTHETIC progestin for 5 years.

It prevents pregnancy by causing inflammation, making the uterus an undesirable place that is not favourable for implantation.

The progestin thins the uterine lining, minimising the chance of implantation, and thickens cervical mucus creating a physical barrier for sperm.

It also stops ovulation for some. Bleeding with a coil is not a sign of ovulation.

“But it’s a low dose compared to the oral contraceptive”

True. It has less than 10% of the synthetic hormone in comparison. However that’s for 5 years, without any break.


Are you sexually active – enough to warrant a daily dose of hormone for 5 years? I’ve treated women who had these coils even though they hadn’t had sex in years.

Do you have very painful periods? Endometriosis or other inflammatory conditions? This may stop your periods, giving relief but it may also add more inflammation.

Or maybe it could be a great intermediate solution to allow you to catch your breath and consider more options like homeopathy, nutrition, lifestyle?

And some of the side effects I’ve seen in clinic have been inability to resume ovulation, depression, body aches, I.B.S (all contraceptives can affect gut health), fibromyalgia, headaches and pelvic pain.

If you’ve got one and you’re doing great, then I’m genuinely happy for you.

Every BODY is different. Some bodies can tolerate more than others.

Regularly check in with your mind and body. It can take years for the accumulative affects to become apparent and cause symptoms.

And always do what’s right for you ❤


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