La la la lazy libido


You know the scene…

You get the look from your partner, the raised brow, the hopeful look?

“Are you up for it?” is basically what they’re saying.

So are you?

And if not, why not?  Because there are 100s of reasons for why women don’t want to have sex with their partners.

But it’s important to know your “why not?”

And I am only referring to women with partners here.  Loving relationships with no other issues apart than a dead sex life.

Please do not use my material to help you have intercourse with someone who does not treat you like the goddess that you are. 

A conversation with a male client recently really got me thinking about this.

For the past several years he has instigated, made the first move (the only move) and pleaded to have more sex with the woman he loves.

He lights the candles…and he blows them out when he’s turned down yet again.  And these days, he’s ALWAYS turned down.

Really who can take that kind of rejection on a weekly basis?  He was considering an affair.

It was interesting to hear this from a male perspective.  

Usually it’s the woman’s side I hear…

“I’m always tired””I couldn’t be bothered””He doesn’t understand.  I’m here all day with the kids.  I need ME time””I’d rather be on my phone””I like it when I get going but I can’t be bothered”

If the last one sounds like you…then read on.

Ways to help get you going IN ADVANCE.

1. Explore your body in the shower that morning (every morning).  

I don’t mean masturbate (though you can) but just run your hands lovingly over your skin.

Rub in some nice oils and just say “hi” to your different body parts.  

Get your body used to touch again.

2. Know that you are a sensual goddess.  

Move like a goddess.  Slow deliberate movements.

Imagine that you hold a powerful gift in your pelvis, a glowing, energetic ball of divine light.

3. Dance.

4. Send your lover a sext (sexy text) at work.

The thrill of it will excite you too and build anticipation.

4. Massage your lower belly and thighs to boost blood supply.  Increased blood supply equals increased sensations. 

5. Take a few moments to your self before the event.  

Imagine that you are breathing energy and healing into your pelvic area, in through your vagina and high up into your pelvis.

On each inhalation, imagine that ball of divine light is growing bigger, brighter and more beautiful

On each exhalation, imagine that you are releasing all tension from your body.

Make noise on the exhalation if you feel it helps. 

Again, this will stir up energy.

6. Take it slow and enjoy.

7. Use lashings and lashing of lube x

And finally – I help women with menstrual issues often related to sexual issues. What affects our sexual health often affects our menstrual help.

If I can help you, then just get in touch.


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