My top 3 remedies to consider for occasional painful periods


My top 3 remedies to consider for occasional painful periods.

They’re all different and that’s the beauty of homeopathy, the remedy is chosen to fit the physical AND mental state of the patient.

Read on and you’ll see how these are 3 very different remedies, for 3 very different women

Mag Phos.

The woman needing this remedy has severe, colic type cramps forcing her to bend double. She will feel better curled up with a hot water bottle or by having a hot bath. She is oversensitive to pain and may be irritable or weepy.


These periods are usually irregular, too heavy, too light, absent etc. The woman experiences a dragging down, or prolapse sensation when she gets her period, as if everything is about to drop out. She feels better with her legs crossed. She is irritable and wants to be left alone.


This woman is angry and contrary. She has been in intolerable pain for a long time. The pain can extend down the legs. The flow is dark and clotted. Nothing pleases.

These remedies are only suitable for occasional, problematic days.

Severe pain, extended PMS and heavy blood loss are not normal periods and they don’t have to be something that is tolerated monthly.

Do get in touch for a consultation for relief with those.


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