Period Sex


Let’s talk about riding the crimson tide – Period Sex!

Now I know this is a complete no-no for some people but stay with me, ok?

Us woman can spend up to 6 years of our lives having a period. That’s a long time to go without sex.

And while some women are happier sinking into the couch with a packet of digestives and a bucket of tea, others feel agitated, restless and downright horny.  And that’s ok!

I always advise movement during a period to help with menstrual pain.  When we get the energy flowing and the blood moving, it really helps.

But honestly for many of us, sex is much more enjoyable than trampolining, squatting or hip rotations.

And when you think about it, during our period is the perfect time for sex.

Sensations are heightened, the risk of pregnancy is lower (though not absent) and blood is a natural lubricant. 

So some women, with a tendency towards vaginal dryness will actually have easier sex during their period than at other times. 

And a quick side note on this.  While shower sex looks great, it’s really only for the movies, as the water washes away all our natural lubricant.

But period sex works great in the shower, LOADS of blood lubricant and the clean-up is really easy after!

Benefits of period sex

Orgasm is said to shorten periods as the uterine lining is expelled quicker.

Easier arousal due to extra blood in the entire genital area.

Endless natural lubricant.

Pain relief.

Feeling grumpy and snarly? Then orgasm releasing happy hormones might be just what you need.

Also a greater ability to “stay in the moment”.  Menstruation narrows our focus.  We simply don’t have the concentration to run through our usual mental lists while getting jiggy.

And of course period sex doesn’t have to involve penetration if that just feels like too much.  

Hell, it doesn’t even have to involve a partner!

Oral sex can be enough too.  And if your other half is squeamish, then leave in your moon cup or menstrual disk.

But honestly, your partner may not be as bothered about a little bit of blood as you may think.  


Put down a few towels to save the sheets (even though often the best sex has been the messiest too).

Play around with different positions.  They will feel different during your period.

Gravity plays a role in blood flow too.  When you’re on top there may be more flow, and some people will be into that. Missionary will be best to restrict it slightly.

So that’s my offering on this subject. 

Your menstrual blood is sacred.  It’s a powerful gift.  Be proud of it.  

And IF you feel like having sex or masturbating during YOUR period, then it’s your body, your vulva, your choice!


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