Testimonial from Niamh, Leitrim, Ireland

Homeopathy can help when plans have to change. Read this great testimonial from a wonderful patient.

“I attended a consultation for my second pregnancy which at the time I hoped it would be a normal delivery. Armed with all my remedies I attempted my vbac but ultimately it ended in a calm Caesarean Section.

The recovery from this surgery was remarkable (literally by medical staff). I bounced back so quick and within a week I did not reflect the demeanour of somebody who had major abdominal surgery one week prior.

Not only did I recover with lightning speed but my milk came in 3 days earlier than with my last section to such an extent that I stopped taking the remedy as I had more milk than I had mouths to feed.

There is no doubt in my mind that my homeopathic remedies contributed to 1. my amazing recovery and 2. the beginning of a wonderful breastfeeding journey”

I offer a pre-labour package which consists of a full consultation, to get you into the best possible physical and mental state, remedies to take during labour for energy and to ease anxiety, and healing remedies for after. All of which are suitable for mother and baby.

Warning…Homeopathy can cause pregnancy!

There, I’ve said it!

One of the things I try to warn my female clients about is, that if they’re not planning to get pregnant, then they need to be very careful when they’re taking homeopathic remedies.

More than one woman has sheepishly said to me “you know what you warned me about, last time? Well…dah dah!”

As a woman’s body rebalances and hormones are, sometimes for the first, ever, regulated, a pregnancy can happen very quickly. I like to call it a happy side effect but of course that’s not everyone’s idea of happiness.

On the other hand, women come to me when they are trying to get pregnant. And while I would never promise anything, there are many homeopathy babies walking around out there.

Homeopathy can help with every stage of a woman’s life from first period to last and beyond.

Post natal depression

So you’re home with your new baby! Now what?

It’s great, wonderful, exciting, exhausting, overwhelming, monotonous, terrifying…

We can have any or all of those emotions, often in the same day or even the same hour.

Mothers can feel trapped by their new little bundle of joy. Fathers too can feel all of the above, but may be less inclined to admit it.

It’s a HUGE personal adjustment, finding yourself at home all day long with only a newborn for company. One feed slips into another and the exhaustion is relentless.

Nothing and I mean nothing, can prepare you for the shock of having your first baby. You think you know. You’ve read a book! Maybe your sister has children already, you have friends with babies. You know!!!

Unfortunately YOU DON’T KNOW JACK S**T!

I was like that. I had decided that the baby would “fit in around my lifestyle”…ha ha ha!

It was hard, like really hard. And I had a very settled baby. Many are not so lucky.

I often handed a crying baby to my partner, as he walked in the door and I ran out, also in tears. Baby would have quietened down by the time I got my coat on.

“Baby blues” don’t just occur immediately after the birth. I found the 6 month mark trying too, when I had finished breastfeeding and my hormone levels shifted again. Baby started teething and our good run with restful nights was over.

And of course, it is not exclusive to the first baby.

I don’t like the term “depression”. It suggests a state of permanence, which it certainly does not have to be. I don’t like “baby blues” either. So if you have a better term, please let me know.

We all have our “off” days. But if you find that your “off” days outnumber your good days, then homeopathy can help you.

We have many wonderful remedies that will help sooth the hormone surges, heal the body after labour, lift the spirits and ease exhaustion.

Nat Mur is just one.

When a woman needs Nat Mur, she will have a lack of confidence in her mothering skills. She may have had an extreme emotional reaction to her labour, possibly disappointment that it hadn’t gone to plan.

She may be anxious about meeting others and feel fearful in new situations. (Mother and baby groups will be hard for this mother). She is tearful and has a tendency to withdraw. And she may be unable to relate to the baby.

If you have occasional days like that, then it’s absolutely fine to take one Nat Mur 30c. It can be purchased from health food shops. But if the feeling lasts longer, then a consultation is more beneficial.

If anything here resonates with you, let me know.

I can help.

Miscarriage is a very secret grief. It often occurs before you’ve told anybody your news.

Well-meaning doctors say “you already have one healthy child at home” or “now would be a perfect time to get pregnant again”. It doesn’t help.

Other people, in your circle sometimes avoid the subject entirely and act as if nothing has happened.

People who have never experienced miscarriage find it difficult to grasp the extent and debt of the pain.

Mothers can stay in an active mourning state for the rest of their lives.

You can’t just “get over it”. It’s not that easy.

Partners often suppress their own grief, in a noble effort to support the mother, to be the strong one, to keep the show on the road. And grandparents can feel helpless while dealing with their own loss.

For some, it is a heartbreak that is experienced again and again.

Homeopathy can work to release the grief. It also restores balance in, and strengthens the reproductive system.

Morning sickness

When I got pregnant the first time, the morning sickness was horrendous.

I was sick 18 hours a day, with a brief reprieve around 8pm.

I was so happy to be pregnant yet so, so ill. Life was pretty miserable.

Even to contemplate driving to see a homeopath, while barely keeping my head above water at work, seemed like an impossible task.

But I finally made the trip.

I spent an hour and a half with the homeopath. We spent 10 minutes talking about the sickness. Times it was worse, better, cravings, food aversions etc.

And then the whopper of a question came. “So what’s really going on with you?”

The tears started and the real cause of my sickness poured out.

My cat had died 2 months previously. Yes, my cat, you read that right. I was heartbroken. She’d been my baby. I described the sensation of a massive hole in my heart. I couldn’t talk to anyone about how badly I’d been feeling because it was cat after all. They would think I was nuts! So I kept it all inside.

And then a few weeks later I was pregnant. But I had no sooner taken the test when the sickness started. One thought kept repeating itself in my mind. I can’t keep a cat alive, how will I keep a baby alive?

So this all tumbled out to the homeopath. I was treated with such kindness and respect, that it made me bawl even more.

She gave me 2 little pills. One to take then, and one the next day.

That was my first experience of a homeopathic miracle. And I was a tough nut to crack. I had more than a healthy amount of scepticism for this medicine, that I was already studying.

When I left the clinic that day, I was already 50% improved. And within, 2-3 days the sickness was gone completely, never to return.

So what were those magic little pills? Good old Ignatia. The first port of call for grief. It’s a remedy that is in the First Aid kits that many of you have. I had the remedy myself, of course I did. But I would never have made the connection between the sickness and the grief myself. I was too sick to do so.

My case was very straight forward and the cause was quickly established. Some cases take longer. But there will always be an improvement from the start.

If you’re struggling with morning sickness or grief, get in touch.

Is Homeopathy safe during pregnancy?

This is one of the questions I am most frequently asked. And the answer is, YES absolutely!

Homeopathy is one of the few options that is available to the pregnant woman as it is effective, safe and non-toxic. I frequently treat pregnant women for all the normal ailments of pregnancy; morning sickness, heartburn, varicose veins, blood pressure, low iron etc.

But I also treat the regular ailments that would often have required antibiotics. And then as the birth comes closer, I offer a pre-labour package which includes a full consultation, remedies to use for anxiety and nervousness during labour and healing remedies for after.

When a women is pregnant, there are basically two entities, or two energies operating out of the same body. They are one and the same. Baby often needs the same healing as Mum.

Having said that, when prescribing for anyone, pregnant or not, the correct remedy must be chosen.

If you are pregnant and would like a consultation, please do get in touch

Pre-birth package

Why not prepare for your birth, the way you prepare for a driving test? Or an interview?

The more we know, the better we are able to deal with it.

When it comes to delivering babies, ignorance is not bliss.

Information is power!

When you have a pre-birth package with me we discuss everything…

  1. Your physical and emotional health
  2. Your particular worries about delivery and motherhood
  3. Birthing positions
  4. Birth plans
  5. Anxious partners

I will give you

-remedies that are specifically chosen for you and your baby.

-relaxation remedies for you (and your partner) when labour starts

-remedies to help deliver the placenta naturally

-healing remedies to help speed up your recovery.


Whatever sort of birth you are planning or having, I can help.


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