Send a little love to your breasts

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Are you afraid of your breasts? I used to be too.

But not now. 

Now, every morning after my shower, I massage my entire body finishing with my boobs. 

I send them a little love and I tell them that they are safe. 

This is my ritual. I’ve been doing it for years. 

It only takes seconds.

Massage stimulates toxic drainage, moving those pesky toxins that we all have, towards the organs that can deal with them. 

And it also allows me to check in with my body.

I’ve not always had such a positive relationship with my breasts though. 

I found my first “lump” when I was still a teenager.

I had the most wonderful, enlightening conversation with the family doctor who explained that breasts change right through our cycles and that I’d better get familiar with them pretty quick or I’d be holding up her waiting line every month.

But I didn’t take her advice so much. 

I treated my girls as a separate entity. 

Something that men liked but had no particular use to me as they could turn dangerous at any given time.

They were something to be very wary of.

We have a strong history of cancer in my family. I don’t say that lightly.

But that’s not my story.

My story is that years later my breasts nourished 3 babies.

And my relationship to them changed.

To me, this is what breasts are about whether you have children or not;

Mother Earth 
Heart chakra

Nourishment, love and mothering has to start with ourselves. 

Don’t wait for or expect problems. Focus on your health and self-care instead. 

(Yearly mammograms are not self-care)

Get to know your breasts. Don’t be afraid of them.

Take your bra off as quick as you possibly can every day (or don’t wear one) and NEVER wear it to bed. 

Love your breasts and tell them often that they are blooming marvellous, because they are xxx


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