Spring Woman Online Gathering starts on Feb 1st…are you joining us?


I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

Why would I make any massive life changes when I’m deep in Winter Mode? Yuk, I can’t imagine anything worse actually.

I slow down in the winter.

My energy drops.
I eat more.
I get out and about less.
I read a lot, listen to music and cook.
I REST and I WITHDRAW, just like nature.

I’m NOT going to ditch all of THAT so I can start going to the gym, then berate myself 2 weeks later because I can’t sustain it.

(Note to the wise… Do not get gym membership in January. You probably won’t make the best use of it).

We all share the energy of the seasons.

There is NOTHING wrong with you if you feel more sluggish and less motivated in winter.

However I DO check in with myself a few times a year… FOR A MONTH AT A TIME!

And we’re coming up to that time of year again.

The 1st of February, to be exact.

When I and a bunch of like minded women are going to focus on our needs for 29 days.

Spring Women is happening and registration is open for a few more days.

I’m looking at my food, my sleep, my relaxation techniques and moving my body more.

4 weeks of doing what’s best FOR ME.

Looking after my physical, mental and emotional health. I go all in.

And I do it all with a fabulous group of women, Spring Women.

If this is calling to you, if you’d like more information, then click here.


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