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This testimonial is the reason why I believe many women will benefit from a contraceptive detox.
I can honestly say that since going on the (contraceptive) detox and other constitutional remedies that my cycle has been transformed! From irregular long and so heavy to bang on 28 days, 2-3 days long and not at all painful. Amazing! Had been on 16 tabs a day for the period times from a gynae… It’s a real blessing.


I came to you with PCOS symptoms during the summer, and the only therapy I had been prescribed was the contraceptive pill.  I had been on this same pill for years and years on and off and I NEVER FELT LIKE MYSELF ON IT.  I just didn’t think there was an alternative.

After childbirth I had severe pain mid cycle, my skin was horrendous and really sore continually and I was suffering from severe fatigue.  I continued in this state for another year. I had undergone many tests and still it was assumed I had PCOS and that I needed to revert back to the contraceptive pill.

I reluctantly returned after 2 years in severe pain to, taking the pill it as I could not deal with the pain mid cycle at work.   I returned to feeling foggy brained, distant emotionally, and generally not functioning optimally.  I took the rash decision one day that I had had enough – I stopped taking the pill one day and researched other possible routes I could take via the internet.

That is when I came across your name and a testimonial written by someone who had been one of your clients – when I read it, it was like I had written it myself.   We had a couple of appointments and I took the constitutional remedies you prescribed for me over a period of 3 months.

I was supposed to contact you back in September, then I thought I would leave it until work got really hectic and it would really put this treatment to the test as to whether it worked or not.  September became October and so on. It is now December and it is high time I made contact.

I have been pill free for the past 6 months.  Since taking your constitutional remedies I no longer have this extreme fatigue I used to constantly feel.  My skin is much better.  My mood has improved dramatically.  I no longer suffer from brain fog and feel clear headed.  I also sleep a lot better.

I would like to thank you for treating this sceptic patient! I am sure I was challenging with all my questions. I would recommend you to other women who were having similar issues to me based on my own experiences.




Side effects for her were moods swings, depression, weight gain and headaches which she got several times per week and were worse before her period.

Despite changing the type of pill and losing a lot of the side effects, the headaches remained.

Now 16 years on, she is contraceptive free and is preparing her body for pregnancy. It’s early days for her and she’s noticed a massive improvement already. If you would like to talk to me about this detox, get in touch

Homeopathy can help.

I can help.


I’ve been suffering from endometriosis, fatigue, hip problem and menorrhagia for the last 12 years.  I had 3 laparoscopies and ablations done. None of these have helped.

I started visiting Antoinette for monthly appointments over the last 3 months for constitutional remedies, contraceptive detox and I’m currently on a steroid detox as I have asthma too.

My symptoms have already halved… rarely a pain killer this month which is a massive difference to me – finally starting to feel human again although a long way to go..

I plan to continue on this path in the hope to regain my fitness, my mind and most of all my life so thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I’ve only been taking your remedies for 4 weeks and already my headaches have halved.


I noticed within the first week or two of starting the detox that I was running faster.  I continued on my detox and at the time I was training for my 5th half marathon.  I am by no means a fast runner but I enjoy running and I like to try and get better at it!

My previous half marathons were all over 2hrs.  The last one I did in August 2016 took me 2hrs 5mins. This time I was aiming for under 2hrs…..even if it was 1.59!!   I was training away and feeling good, my run times were all improving.

The day came for my race and I was very nervous….I took Argent Nit (homeopathic remedy for performance anxiety) and I was sorted.

I am delighted to report that I got my wish and my time was 1hr54……11 mins off my previous time.



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Homeopathy can help.

I can help.