Taking contraceptives won’t “fix” your period!


There…I’ve said it…

Taking contraceptives to ‘fix your period’ is like taking out the fuse in the warning light on your dashboard.

It will stop the annoying flashing light but it won’t ‘fix’ anything.

It will also keep a potentially dangerous vehicle on the road.

Contraceptives can sometimes artificially stop very heavy bleeding or intense pain (they can also make them worse) but please don’t be under the illusion that you’ve been ‘fixed’ .

The problem is still there. It NEVER went away.

You’ve just turned down the volumn on the pleas for help from your body.

And now you’ve thrown in all the risks from the side effects too:

Stroke. Blood clot. Breast Cancer.

And the common side effects that women tend to put up with…

Mood changes, emotional flatness, increased weight gain, anxiety, spotting, nausea, headaches, migraine, abdominal pain, decreased libido, vaginal discharge…

Don’t we deserve better healthcare than this?

If you have painful, irregular periods AND you’re prepared to let go of the contraceptive crutch, homeopathy can help.

I can help.


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