The busy woman



I think many women are being propped up by pharmaceuticals and caffeine to keep them being productive members of society as they parent 24/7, do full time jobs, care for elderly parents, study, run a house, run on the threadmil and run themselves into the ground.

Many of my clients are on a variation of the below:

Anti-anxiety medication for chronic pain conditions that aren’t dealing with the core issue but do relax the muscles enough so that they can keep going, keep doing.

Anti-depressants for unresolved emotional issues, anything from grief over the loss of a baby to conflict in a relationship.

Contraceptives so she doesn’t get pregnant, fertility meds because she can’t get pregnant.

HRT because she’s unreasonable, exhausted, burnt out which must surely be due to peri-menopause and not possibly anything to do with the above prescriptions and 20 years of over-work.

Coffee and Coke are being pumped in regularly to keep those eyes from closing and then when they need to close but can’t then wine and sleeping pills are at hand.

Gorgeous, big hearted women – that’s not living, that’s producing.

And we deserve better.


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