The trials and tribulations of a moon cup tester

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moon cup trial

The trials and tribulations of road testing a moon cup

I’ve put this off for a long time…buying a moon cup.  I mean I’m 45 now and for the past 2 years I’ve been thinking “surely… maybe this is my last period, do I really need to invest in this?”

But everywhere I turned on social media, I was confronted with them.  So I gave in. I’ve told my daughter she can have it anyway, when I’m done.  “Yer grand, thanks…” was her non impressed reply.

So I got myself a fancy organic one (OrganiCup), size B, for women who have already given birth.

I’m not one for reading instructions, especially in advance of an event.  I’m more of a “get on with it” type of gal.

So Day 1 of my period, I found myself gasping in horror at the size of the thing and then after a few unsuccessful jabs, I had to read said instructions and THAT’S  when I found out  that you have to squeeze the cup into a c-shape to insert it – doh!

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the best start.  Day 1, I was already feeling tender in my lady parts and this lump of rubber was not sitting well.

Also there was a stem sticking out of the bottom of it that was really uncomfortable.  The instructions (back to those) tell you to cut it to a size that’s comfortable for you, and are quite firm that you do not do this while it is inside you!!!!!!!!???????????

So yes ladies, do not insert a scissors into your veejayjay!

Day 1 was weird.  It was.  There’s no 2 ways about it.  I was very aware of this THING.  And I was afraid to cut the stem incase I couldn’t remove the cup after.

I have the experience of having not one but two friends, needing to go to A&E to have their contact lenses removed on their time of trying them.  This was in the back of my mind.

Finally a friend convinced me that all would be good.  There would be no need for either A&E or the local fire brigarde to remove it.  And she does’t know how serious I was about asking her to be on standby, with her miner’s light and gloves…just incase.

So I cut the the stem and oh, the relief.  Then I cut some more and it was even better.

So here’s the pros and cons as I see them after my first time using a moon cup


  • It’s organic. Only the best for my vulvarine.
  • It’s clean. There is absolutely no mess (unless you drop it in a public toilet that has no toilet paper, like my friend did)
  • You can pour the blood on your plants (I’m not telling my husband that)
  • There are no other expences
  • It didn’t leak at night


  • It was uncomfortable until I cut the stem
  • It makes a weird noise, like an aeroplane door being opened, when it’s coming out, as the vacuum is released. I’ll have to learn to time it and sing loudly if I’m out and about with it.
  • I was afraid I’d drop it. I didn’t but could see how it could happen.


Final thoughts.

I’ve been a pad girl for years.  Tampons are a massive no no for me…stick bleached cotton up inside my lady clam? NO THANK YOU.

Apart from being concerned that I’d drop it, it was really clean.  Lets face it, periods can be a messy job.  Pads move.  They leak.  They smell as the blood hits the air.

Fresh menstrual blood does not smell ladies, well apart from the way it’s supposed to smell.

So will I be using it again? Absolutely.  And if I’ve just had my very last period, well I’ve got a lovely organic moon cup for sale.  Barely used.


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