Urinary Stress Incontinence


80% of women in my recent online poll said they have suffered with urinary stress incontinence.


I’m referring only to stress incontinence here not an overactive bladder, which is  a different issue.

Yet we’re not talking about it so much.  It’s become accepted (thanks to Tena Lady adverts and the likes) but let’s open up the conversation here.

Stress incontinence is when you involuntarily pass a little or a lot of wee when you’re running (like to the car in a shower, not a full blown marathon), sneezing, laughing or lifting something.

Firstly it’s not a normal part of childbirth, menopause or aging. 
It’s all to do with weakened or damaged muscles.

But it can be caused by overpushing in labour (don’t get me started on the spectator sport that is labouring “push, push, push!”).  It’s too much.  Yes babies are delivered quicker, which is the aim but the mum’s body has been pushed beyond it’s physical limits. And if she’s had an epidural, she can’t even feel the damage she’s doing.

Urinary incontinence in pregnancy can be caused by baba putting pressure on the bladder.
Some women who’ve had hysterectomies are more prone to stress incontinence as the bladder and uterus are in close proximity.

But we can still work on that.
Women with strong pelvic floor muscles are less likely to be affected.

Tea and coffee are diuretics, they’ll make you pee more.  Avoid them if you’re going to take part in physical activity or cut them out altogether.

I have heard of women using tampons to stop stress incontinence as they can push somewhat on the urethra and slow down the flow – please don’t do this.  Tampons are toxic at the best of times but without actual menstrual blood there to coat them, toxins are going straight into the porous tissues of the vagina.  Please don’t do that to your ho ha!

Yes there are homeopathic remedies that can help but ONLY when combined with the following.

  • Work those pelvic floor muscles like a mofo!  Get seriously pumped in your nether regions!

And the quickest way to do it is to squat.
We don’t squat anymore because we all have fancy toilets and chairs so we are completely underusing a very important set of muscles.  I doubt our predecessors back in cave times were reaching for the Tena Lady before they chased a wild boar down a hill.Squatting is easy and it’s free!
All you have to do is…well squat down.  And get up again.  That’s it.

Do that 100 times a day – build up to it, start with 10 throughout the day.  You don’t have to do it all in one sweaty burst. (Do google how to squat safely though. Please do not go hurting your back.

  • If you do have a dodgy back, then focus on the kegal muscles (again google it).  They won’t hit all the major muscles but it’s a great start.
  • Reduce tea and coffee if you find you’re more leaky after them.  Just cut them out for a few days and see.
  • Clean up your diet.  Our muscles need great food otherwise they all become weak and flabby.
  • Trampoline! Seriously it’s not just for kids.  NOTHING will make you clench like a couple of bounces on the trampoline. In the beginning, I admit it’s not pretty.  You’ll become a mesmerising water feature in your own garden.  But pad up and just do it!

The great news is that our muscles are always eager to get going again. You’ll notice a difference in a few short weeks.

And if you don’t then come see me x


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