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This is just a taste of 27 days of short videos that I made about women’s health issues.  You can find the rest on my Facebook page HERE!

Day 1


We all know about Arnica for bumps and falls in our children (reduces swelling, eases pain) but it can be beneficial for us ladies also.

Skip through to 1.30 where I’m talking about Arnica for a fall or an accident in pregnancy.  I’m not saying to avoid going to the GP if this happens but you take Arnica while you’re going.  It helps in all injuries.

Another use for Arnica is when you have a very active baby in utero.  They can kick out and it can hurt.  Arnica will help with the internal bruising.

I always recommend Arnica for during and after labour.  Just 1 Arnica at the end, when you’re exhausted will give you the boost you need to deliver your baby.

And of course for after your baby has been delivered, you’ll need Arnica to reduce the swelling and the bruising.  You’ll notice a big difference between the mums who are using Arnica and those who aren’t.

Day 2


B is for Bryonia

This remedy is for ailments that have inflammation and pain which gets worse with even the slightest movement but feels better when there is hard pressure applied to the area that is sore.

If it’s a headache that needs Bryonia, the person will be holding their head tightly.  If it’s period pain, they will be pushing their hand, hard into the pain.

The pain is often described as tearing, severe pain. But it ALWAYS feels better with hard pressure applied.

I also use this one for ovulation pain and mastitis.

With mastitis, the breasts are hard and painful.  It’s sore to move the arms.  Even the feel of clothing against the breast will aggravate.

Day 3


C is for Contraceptive Detox

Most of us women have at some stage been on contraceptives, be they the pill, patches, implants, coils or injections.  Some women notice immediately that it is affecting them with paranoia, weepiness, anxiety, low mood, headaches and weight-gain.

While others don’t associate these symptoms with their contraceptives as they have developed months later.

This is the most common response I get from women who come to see me, with hormonal difficulties

  • I feel emotionally numb
  • I’m shut off from my family
  • It’s as if there is nothing going on inside
  • I don’t laugh anymore
  • I don’t feel like myself anymore

Then there are the women who find it very difficult to get pregnant after they have stopped taking contraceptives.

The actual contraceptive detox takes two consultations and 2 months.  It’s a programme of remedies designed specifically for the individual woman.  It is not a one size fits all.

For some women, they feel great after just 2 sessions.  Others need more.

When we mention detox, people often worry about vomiting and diarrhoea.  I do this detox slowly and gently.  You won’t get those symptoms.

So what are the results of doing a contraceptive detox?

Women notice (pretty quickly) an improvement in their mood and energy levels.

Some get pregnant (again pretty quickly).

Their anxiety is reduced.

Libido is often improved.

Day 4


D is for despair, disinterested, drained, dragging, despondent, discontent.  All of these words are used to describe the woman who needs the remedy Sepia.

The cause for these feelings or lack of feelings can be

  • Hormonal
  • Overwork
  • Overwhelm with a new baby
  • Grief
  • Exhaustion
  • Or a combination

Doctors normally prescribe antidepressants at this time. But there are other ways.


Sepia is for the occasional days when you’re feeling

  • Fed up
  • Overworked
  • Every day is the same
  • Compromised (you’re at home looking after children. But nothing has changed for your partner.  He is still getting away to do his thing.)

A woman who needs Sepia can become

  • Very down in herself
  • Irritable and shut down

Periods can be light.  But there will be a horrible dragging sensation and a lot of pain.

Everything is DRAGGING this woman down.

  • The amount of work she has to do
  • Her period
  • Her children

If you have OCCASIONAL days like this, then it is ok to treat yourself with this remedy.

I would suggest 1 dose daily (30c) x 3 days.  No more.

If that doesn’t lift you out of your temporary slump, then do come for a consultation.

You can’t treat a long term condition yourself.

There is no reason to accept this as your lot.  Or that you’ll feel like this for the rest of your life.

You can heal and you deserve to.


for birth
These are some of the questions I’m frequently asked about labour and babies.  Skip to about 1 minute in.

Before I start, I want to say that these are my opinions only, as a homeopath and as a mum who has had 3 natural deliveries, and breastfed all of my babies.

What homeopathic remedy can I take instead of an induction? How can I start my labour?

Firstly I don’t believe that our gestation period is 40 weeks.  Some countries would say 42.  So women can feel pressured to force out babies that just aren’t ready to come out.

If you induce contractions, then mum is not ready and baby is not ready.

Often we find that we start our labour at home but when we go to the hospital, everything stops.  And that’s normal! Many, many women experience this.  There is nothing wrong with you.  It’s just that we are now in an unfamiliar place AND we’re frightened.

So we’re allowed some time and then told we will be induced if contractions have not resumed by  a certain time.  More panic!


And that’s because of time and space limitations in the hospital.  Honestly the number of calls I’ve had from labour wards about this…

I compare labour to having a wee.  Imagine you’re in your own nice clean bathroom having a satisfying wee.  And then mid flow, it’s like “stop, we have to finish this in the hospital!”

So you rush off and there is high drama.  You’re nervous, your partner is nervous.  There are strange people coming in and out, looking at you.  You have monitors on you.  The lights are bright.  So do you feel like finishing that wee now?

Of course not!  You’ve gone into fear.  And a very natural process has just completely stopped.

So instead of remedies to help start up contractions again, I give anti-anxiety/anti-fear remedies.

And ladies, we are ALL nervous about giving birth.

First-time mums are wondering if they’re going to be good at mothering.  Are they able for it? How is their life going to change?

Second and third-time mums are nervous because they know what the birth will be like.

My remedies help to calm the mind.  If the mind is calm, then the body is calm.  And you can focus on your breathing.  Controlled, calm breathing will carry lots of blood-rich oxygen to the muscles to help produce nice strong contractions.

  • Which homeopathic labour kit should I get?

There are kits available that are specifically for labour.  I had one for my first birth.  I was already studying homeopathy a few years at that stage.  But I still, could not focus on reading the book and picking the remedies I needed.

With my secret anxiety mix, there is no need for trawling through lists of remedies.  Again when we’re calm and relaxed, there is less need for anything else and you can just focus on the task in hand.

I also give a remedy to help expel the placenta.  If you’ve done the whole labour naturally, you probably don’t want to be hooked up to a drip of oxytocin just for the last bit.

It can take up to 2 hours for the placenta to naturally deliver.  When baby is latched on, that stimulates further contractions to do just that.  However because of time constraints again, you may not be allowed that time.

And then I have a potent healing mix for after baby has arrived, that speeds up recovery and reduces swelling and bruising significantly.  It contains Arnica, Bellis Perennis, Calendula, Hypericum

Back to the labour kit, I would say if you really want to buy a kit get a general one that you can use for more than one day.

  • How old does a baby have to be before you can give them a remedy?

They’re never too young.  I’ve treated babies still in the womb.

  • A word on over-prescribing Arnica.

As some of us know, Arnica is wonderful for helping the body to heal.  But often I have heard of well-meaning midwives and antenatal nurses, recommend that pregnant women take Arnica for up to 6 weeks BEFORE birth.  Please don’t do that.

  • What can I give my crying baby?

Firstly, there is always a reason for your baby crying.  There is no such thing as a “fussy” baby.

They cry if they are stressed, frightened or in pain.

I would really recommend getting your baby to a great chiropractor or osteopath as soon as you can.  If you’re in Ireland, I can recommend some.

And even though babies are checked over by paediatricians before they leave hospital, certain things can be missed.

A common thing after birth trauma (the cranium is pushed in on itself as it comes through the birth canal) is a structural problem with the neck or the ears.  Some babies when they lie back, their ears fill up with fluid and it causes pain.  Others experience headaches.

You don’t need to wait for them to outgrow these things.  There are people who can help.

  • My baby wakes up to 15 or 16 times per night. What can I do?

Again babies wake for a reason.  See the previous point.  And then there is teething.  That’s a long term issue, up to 18 months, on and off.  That will disturb sleep.  We have many great teething remedies.  Chamomilla and Belladonna are the common ones.

Some babies get into a habit of always having their soother, or being very close to Mum, or even latched on constantly, as what happened with my youngest.  They are looking for comfort and security.  There is nothing wrong with them.

With my girl, we had gone through a very difficult year for her with serious skin issues.  The only way she could sleep was as close to me as possible AND latched on.  And still she woke every 15/20 minutes.   But she was improving at this stage.

I was exhausted.  And had two other children to consider, as well as my health.  So I had to make the decision to move out of the room and let my husband take over.  It wasn’t an easy thing to do.  And I definitely don’t recommend it for everyone.  Do what is right for you.

But even coming to a decision like that takes energy.  Please mums if your baby is waking constantly, bring them to a chiropractor and a homeopath.  And do look after yourself.

Two remedies for exhausted mothers are Cocculus and Sepia.  Cocculus for that spaciness that comes with fatigue.  And Sepia for overwhelm with fatigue.  They are only for short term use.  Get help.

I’ll finish up with my top labour ward tips

  1. Give your partner homeopathic anxiety remedies. They are suddenly thrown into the role of midwife.  They are frightened and tired and they feel they have to be the “strong” one.  It’s a big ask.
  2. Rest up. Many women are told “keep walking and baby will come soon”.  By all means, have a gentle stroll IF you feel like it.  Otherwise conserve your energy for what lies ahead.  I walked for 5-6 hours on my first labour, more than I’d done in months.  I had nothing left to give, by the time the real contractions started.
  3. Squat down for contractions. When we get a contraction, our instinct is to clench our muscles, and not breath until it passes.  But when we clench our muscles, we are also tightly clenching our cervix, the part that needs to relax.

When you squat down, you open the cervix.

  1. Arnica – just 1 pill at the pushing stage will give you a boost of energy to finish the job.

Book in for your pre-birth consultation with me and I will give you everything you need to get you into the best possible physical, mental and emotional state to help you have the birth experience you want.