We are not equal to men

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I had a fabulous chat (ok possibly a bit of a rant) with a friend last night about equality.

We debated back and forth, when did the denial of the feminine begin, for us?

When I was a teenager, being a woman was a good thing in my family.  I have lots of aunts. I have always been surrounded by female energy.

My very wise friend suggested that it was the rise of the ladette (in the 90’s) that was the ruination for many of us.

Certainly in my teens, I was all about the flowing skirts, the long hair, the curves.

Then somewhere in my 20’s it all changed. I could and was expected to “keep up with any man”, whether that was working, physical strength or most stupid of all, drinking.

The long skirts went, the army boots and combats came in.

The hair got shorter and the body changed. I became fit and lean, very lean…and the periods became painful.

But I was as good as any man, so I pushed through. I took pain killers and I ignored my body’s cry for help.

Then in my mid twenties, I collapsed on the street.

Overworked and underweight. I never looked better; tanned, toned and unconscious.

No diagnosis. Just a wake up call.

And when I met my now husband, a very typical alpha male, it took time but my masculine energy relaxed.

I had someone to look after me. Someone to protect me. And my feminine energy began to feel safe again.

When my periods came and I cried “I’m in so much pain”, he looked at me in amazement and said “well sit down then”. And I did.

14 years and 3 children later, I still sit down for the first 2 days of my period. I no longer need painkillers. I rest.

And my man looks after me. He brings wine and he brings chocolate and he doesn’t expect conversation.

So my original point was this. We are not “equal to men”. We are not less and we are not more.

We are different.

And when we accept our feminine side and allow her to grow and flourish, amazing things happen with our cycles.


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