Women love to talk


Women love to talk. We’re excellent at expressing ourselves through our voices. Or not.

The throat is a powerful source of communication. We use it to talk sence into each other, we talk each other down. And when in the mood, we can talk dirty.

We like to shoot the breeze. But if we’ve shot the breeze too much, then we’ve run off at the mouth. If we’re not answered, we say its like talking to a brick wall. And its really bad to talk out of both sides of your mouth. I, personally can talk the ears off a donkey when I get going

Often we have to bite our tongue, maintain a stiff upper lip and swallow down annoyances..

We speak the same language but we’re afraid to speak out of turn. We’re talking to ourselves, we talk in circles and sometimes we talk ourselves into a corner. If we don’t talk the talk and walk the walk, then we are talking out of our ar**s. We talk until we’re blue in the face.

And how is all this talking affecting the throat, which is, after all, the gateway to the body? If the throat energy or chakra is weak, we cannot say no to food that is bad for us. The same goes for alcohol, smoking and drugs. Swearing, lying and gossip weakens the energy of the throat.

The throat is too close to the thyroid for them not to be connected. The thyroid controls our metabolism. It can be underactive or overactive. It’s no surprise that women experience thyroid dysfunction more than men. Is your talk affecting your thyroid?

If someone comes to me with thyroid or throat issues, I always have to wonder “what is this person not saying” or “what are they saying too much off?”

It’s good to talk. As long as the talk is good also.

If you are experiencing throat or thyroid problems, I can help.


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